The Importance of Pursuing Mental Health Integration

emotional-mastery-1NCCBH members primarily serve public sector consumers, those with severe and persistent mental illness or serious emotional disturbance-the needs of this population are often overlooked in primary care and integration planning. We must assure that their needs as well as the needs of the broader community are appropriately addressed.

Many people in the broader community now receive their behavioral healthcare in a primary care setting, and the gap between the medical and behavioral healthcare systems must be bridged: As noted by Robin Dea and many other commentators, there is:

“evidence that many, if not most, people coming into primary care are being treated for psychosocial problems, not organically based medical disease . . . evidence of medical cost offsets from treating behavioral health problems presenting as physical health problems in the primary care setting . . . the assumption that if adequate detection of early stage psychiatric illness took place in primary care, there would be some prevention of patients going to more severe episodes of major psychiatric illnesses . . . and primary care is where most people who have behavioral health problems are in fact seen.”

Mental Health Insurance Plan Is New Look To An Old Problem

Mental health insurance is a new innovation in the insurance industry. Even ten years age most people did not have any idea about it. Very few companies, then, used to give little coverage for mental health. In fact, that time mental health was highly ignored by most of the insurance companies. Now, many countries have passed regulation which forces the insurance companies to introduce the insurance policies for mental health. Now, we shall take a detailed look into the matter of mental health insurance.

Coverages for mental health differ from one company to another. Most of the insurance companies cover some common psychological problems like anxiety, social phobias, depression, and relationship difficulties. Some alternative therapies, like aromatherapy, are not covered by them. Even they do not give coverage linked to the change of gender. Some insurance companies arrange for 20-30 sittings with a mental health professional per year, and bear about 50-80% cost of the medical bill.

Whatever you search for getting an affordable health insurance plan for this particular ailment, your best way to find a policy like this is to shop around. You may go to a web address for comparing among many A-rated companies before you come to a conclusion. While comparing the policies, you should keep in mind the following points.

• First, ask for a reference from your physician for primary care or employee assistance program.

• Get a reliable list of insurers and hospitals to take a decision and also think about the financial consequences if you do not find anyone of them as suitable.

• Decide a separate yearly deductible for mental health services.

• Decide a limit to your number of visits.

• Think about payment for office visits, respite care, medication, outpatient hospital care, inpatient hospital care along with the knowledge of co-payments.

• Omit some particular pre-existing conditions or diagnoses.

• Decide a yearly or lifetime cap for coverage of mental health.

f135Often insurance is nothing but an afterthought for people who require mental health care. An insurance policy for mental health can be purchased separately or being included in the list of services in another insurance policy. For those who are already in possession of some physical health coverage, then adding the coverage for mental health care to that list of services is perhaps a cinch. In fact, you are to decide that the coverage is worthy to be included in the existing policy. While there are some affordable health insurance policies which give the specific psychological protection automatically, there are some plans asking for separate application for getting this coverage. If you are living in a country where there are laws, related to psychological health, then it will be very easy for you to get mental health coverage than if you live in anywhere else.

Run an Efficient Practice With Mental Health Billing Services

Medical billing services encompass a variety of activities, the main purpose of which is the complete processing of bills and the filing of claims with insurance companies, so that the clients of such medical billers, i.e. physicians, be paid the appropriate amount in due time. The typical medical billing services are provided independently of clinics and hospitals. Nowadays, medical billing is carried out with the help of medical billing software. The clients’ billing data is input and sent to insurers, whilst adhering to the current laws and regulations. The services provided by medical billers also include providing answers to the questions and concerns of both insurance companies and patients, as well as following up overdue payments, should the case be such. Aside from the advantages that derive from the type of services mentioned above, medical billing services can be used to assess the profitability of certain insurance contracts. Medical billers can generate reports for private practices and perform cash flow analysis.


As has been said before, medical billing encompasses many activities and covers all the fields of activity within the health care industry. Mental health billing services are available from a series of medical billing providers. Or if you choose to do your mental health billing yourself, you can opt for one of the recommended technology solutions, which have been specifically designed for mental health professionals. In fact, your mental health billing needs can be met in a variety of ways. You can resort to a mental health billing service to take this matter completely off your hands, or you can have professional mental health biller remotely log into your computer and use your already-existing mental health billing software.

Mental health billing services and mental health billing software represent the best and most effective way to get billing done professionally. The most notable advantages that derive from using a professional mental health billing service or appropriate mental health billing software are cost reductions, time effectiveness, less paperwork, an increased number of clients, a reduced number of missed appointments, as well as opportunity to keep your client database.

An experienced mental health biller will play an important part in your health care team. He or she interacts with insurance companies and stays up to date with everything that concerns regulations and procedures. An experienced mental health biller processes claims quickly and thoroughly, which translates into reduced costs and less time spent on doing your medical bills. Mental health billing, much like any other type of medical billing, requires in-depth knowledge and time to handle claims, which your staff may not have. Conversely, experienced mental health billing service providers have combined skills of bookkeeping, interpersonal communication, basic medical knowledge, as well as office and computer skills, which are essential in running an efficient practice.